Wengo Phone Turns Your Computer to Voip Phone

Wengo Phone is a VoIP program, which is from QuteCom, which is a well known name in Voip industry. It is a voip software that uses the IP protocol, therefore it is going to be very helpful for people to talk over the internet from one computer to another computer. It will be as good as you were calling with your regular phone. The only difference that it is that you are calling using VoIP which uses Internet and the cost of the call will be free. Because mostly internet calls using the IP protocol are free of charge, or sometimes you have to pay a reduced fare cost depending on the minutes of the call and the place you’ve chosen to communicate. Or when instead of calling to another computer you need to call a landline.

As you can see you have turn your computer into internet phone to make calls to local or foreign numbers. It is the fruitfulness of this VoIP service, which is precisely to communicate abroad for free calling and setting up a call from a computer to another computer, since the reduced rates take center stage when you need to communicate to a landline.

Phone Wengo offers Voip Calls and instant messaging also works to submitting written messages with the ability to add emoticons to messages, which you can customize by changing colors. It allows you to add list of your contacts to be compatible with the most popular messaging networks such as Jabber, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN, then you will have to view the list of all your contacts that are included in these instant messaging services.

With this software you can also set up a video conference as long as you have opened an account in Wengo to make use of all its services. Wengo Phone is a free downloadable program that works well with a computer operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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