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Here is new software called Vyew for free online meeting and free web conferring with new interface and new features. In summary, Vyew is an online application that allows collaborative sharing web conferencing with other users, where they may be other contributors or mere spectators in real time all these actions we can do on our own desktop and from the whiteboard itself, allowing save sessions for its subsequent revisions.

Briefly with Vyew we can now have multiple sessions that can switch in real time, create and upload objects such as office documents, pdf files, images and annotations on the board, filtering option to track and selectively display objects by users, desktop sharing and screenshots also available for users of Safari (Mac). One can also import MS Office documents and other features still to be implemented.

The service is very interesting, where you have to do no installation, and only through a web browser with flash plug-in 9 installed, you can do web conferencing. You can share what you do at our desk or what we do from the same board. In their free forever version you can use their service for unlimited time and up to 10 people can attend a webinar.

The best part is that you to register for free and begin to practice with your colleagues, students or anyone else, as the application areas are quite broad. You can do video tutorials, whiteboarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, Voice-over-IP. Keeping in view that the follow-up telephone conference is rather expensive in today’s era; you can do online meetings with Vyew for free. You can also be anywhere to follow lectures if you cannot be in front of your computer, as it has continuous rooms which are always saved and always-on. Users can access and contribute to meeting when and where they want too.

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