Vopium – Mobile Voip For Making Cheap Mobile Calls

Vopium – Mobile Voip For Making Cheap Mobile Calls

There are many apps that let the users make free calls over the web using VoIP technology. Earlier, the users were able to use a few technologies but now they have access to a plethora of services at their disposal. The apps that offer the ability to make free calls from PC To Mobile to various countries are actually better and cheaper alternatives to ISD calling services offered by telecom service networks. A few months back a company named Vopium made headlines after unleashing its Call the World plan. It offered unlimited free VoIP calls to both mobile phones and landline numbers in 52 countries of the world.  The company has followed it with another successful plan aimed at the European nations. Vopium also gives 10 minutes of free calls to any phone in the world to try out his service.

The new Europe Mobile Unlimited plan unveiled by the company will pave the way for making free VoIP calls to  European countries. It covers 31 nations along with USA and Canada. For availing the plan, the users will have to churn out a rental of €79.95 a month. This is quite cheap compared to standard ISD rates charged by various cellular operators. Apart from making free and unlimited mobile calls the users will also be able to get 100 SMS free to the cellular users in 33 nations. In the beginning, the plan will be made available to first 10000 users. The users can sign up for the offer at the company website now.

The Europe Mobile Unlimited plan of Vopium is targeted at the users who want to make free VoIP calls to European nations. As one can see, this plan is particularly effective for the users who have friends and relatives in these nations. The companies that trade in Europe will also save a lot of expense by availing this VoIP plan. The comparison with the rates offered by telecom operators can make one understand how affordable this new VoIP plan is. For instance, calls made from an US mobile network to a European country will offer 60-80 minutes under €79.95. The UK users can extract a few more minutes from the same amount. With Vopium it is possible for the users to call to any number in the destination countries for an unspecified time.

The Europe specific plan offered by Vopium makes calling mobile numbers in European nations free. The world plan however is applicable for free landline call in 52 nations. Earlier Vopium was available only on mobile devices but owing to the rising user demand the company has also released a desktop app. With Vopium desktop app, the users interested to make free VoIP calls from PC have an affordable alternative. The Vopium desktop app also makes communicating with Friends on chat and social networking sites a breeze. This app is compatible with Windows XP onwards.  The company says that the Mac compatible version will be made available soon. The Windows version may have some issues as it is still in beta version. However, with the final version this is likely to be taken care of.

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