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If you have not heard about the VOIP services and Voip Solutions that are doing the rebounds of the communication space, then you should read up a little and find out how you can make the most of these services to save a lot of money. You will indeed be shocked and surprised pleasantly to learn how many countries you can make free calls to. It is ideal to do some amount of research before you go ahead and choose a service that suits you. Depending on the countries you wish to make calls to on a regular basis, you should pick a VOIP software program that suits you best.

FreeVOIPDeal is one such program that can be easily downloaded off a number of websites on the internet. It is so easy to download and it is free. Once you have successfully installed the softphone application on your PC, you can start making PC to phone calls at no cost at all to select international numbers.

How many calls can you make?

FreeVOIPDeal offers 240 minutes that is about 4 hours of free calls to Egypt, Sri Lanka, Pakistan mobile phones, Iran, Ukraine, Montenegro and Serbia and all that for just 10 Euros a month.

How does it work?

FreeVoipDeal is a subscription based service and you have to subscribe to it if you want to make use of the 240 minutes of free talk time for 30 days. However, one disadvantage may be that if you have free minutes left over you may not be able to transfer it to the next month and if you over shoot your 240 minutes or 4 hours, then you will have to pay extra, but these rates are also really cheap as compared to what your telephone operator may charge you.

Is it flexible?

It is a very flexible service and you can discontinue using it as and when you want. Get it as and when you need it and you do not have to worry about being charged when you are not using it. Simply unsubscribe and the job is done. However, if a certain the destination you wish to make calls to does not fall under the program you have subscribed to you can also avail of Pay as you go credit so that you can make calls easily and for really cheap rates.

So, basically there are two main options that you have as far as FreeVOIPDeal is concerned: Free call subscription and Pay as you go. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions well, have a keen understanding of where you want to make calls to and select the plan that suits you best and offers you a cost effective solution.

It is one of the best plans available in the market for the destinations that have been highlighted above. If you do make calls to these destinations often, you must download and install the software right away for you do not want to pile up unnecessary expenses that you could have easily avoided. Apart from below mention devices you can have freevoipdeal on your Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, iPod too.

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