Voip Service Provider Boophone offers Cheap Voip Calls, SMS, Fax

Voip Service Provider Boophone offers Cheap Voip Calls, SMS, Fax

There are a number of VoIP service providers that allow the internet users to make free calls to other countries. These services make use of the popular VoIP standard in most cases and they offer some serious competition to the cellular service providers. However, not all web based VoIP services are equally effective. Some of them offer promo offers for a limited period to woo the users. There are some services that restrict their services only to landline or mobile phones. The users who want a hassle free VoIP service that actually lets them do much more than making free VoIP calls should choose Boophone. This internet base service offers a plethora of services under one window which is really convenient for the web users.

With Boophone.com a person can make and receive video and voice calls, send messages and can also use Fax. The best thing about this service is that the users need not install any application in their computers. There are a section of users who are always worried about the possibility of malware and viruses sneaking into their systems with third party applications. They can also use this service without any fear. BooPhone simplifies making free VoIP calls to almost anywhere in the world. The users can connect with each other via the web and also make calls to mobile and landline users. The voice call quality is excellent.

For using the services of Boophone.com a person needs to create a new account in its website. This is a straightforward process and thereafter the user needs to create a username and password. The calls to landline and mobile users are quite cheap while calls to other Boophone users come for free. The application has a really intuitive user based interface and a person who is not much tech savvy can use it without any hassle. The Boophone website uses large thumbnail based icons for indicating the services which makes it really user friendly.

For using the services of Boophone.com a person needs a PC along with a web browser. Adobe Flash player may need to be upgraded in certain cases. The app is supported by nearly all OS and web browsers. The users will also need to use a headset with microphone to use this service for making free VoIP calls. However, Boophone is not limited to only single person VoIP needs. On the contrary, it allows conference with 6 persons simultaneously. For this facility every person involved in the conference will need to spend $0.03 a minute.

By using the HTML code given by Boophone, a website owner can make others call him. This can also be integrated into social networking services for making free VoIP calls.  While traditional VoIP software applications may allow these features, their basic versions do not have so many features. Besides, anyone can use this free VoIP service from any part of the world seamlessly. They just need a PC and an Internet connection. However, for making video calls a high speed internet connection is preferred.

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