Viber For PC – How To Actually Use It On Your PC

In my previous post about Viber, which is an APK you can download on your Android and iPhone to make free calls, we have seen that it works well with these smart phones. But what about Viber for PC. Means what about those people who wants to use it from there PC, in case they don’t have smart phones. As this APK is gaining popularity day by day on Android and iPhone, they demand for launching this application on PC is been increased.

Well, when I searched internet for it, I only got posts who are only demanding and wants people to react on it and wants Viber to launch the application soon on PC. No Body actually wants to provide the solution.

But I find one solution though. Many users who have used Google Android knows that it has one solution to test drive Android on their PC. Means people who are not having Android phone can also test it on their PC. Google himself provides an Android emulator with their SDK to test APK’s on PC before launching them on mobile devices. Now I think you might get some idea.

We can also use this test drive on our systems and Also test Viber on PC, or any other APK which is not yet designed for PC’s. I am going to give you whole tutorial that how to Test drive Google Android phone on your PC and also Viber for PC but you can learn this by visiting this link.

Now once you do this, you can now open pre installed APK’s which were their on Android phone. You can also install viber if its not there. And most of you can now test Viber For PC. 🙂

Note: You need to Download the Android SDK and Java for your computer. Do share your thoughts and experience.

{thanks how to geek for this Idea}

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Yalin Meric 25 October 2011

Viber on PC is against the main concept of Viber I presume. Viber seems to be designed on an idea of letting people to access phone numbers listed in their phonebook via internet. No buts, no ifs. Using Viber on PC conflicts with that concept. Use Skype, Nonoh or etc if you need voice and video communications from PC. Viber is something else

Travis 22 November 2011

wow, this method really helps in bringing viber to my PC.

Passion 02 December 2011

Expression of the fact that it would be great for the picture. Thanks.

Ahmed Helmy 16 December 2011

hey Dude, i am a sort of a developer and i am running all android firmwares / platforms on my PC … your idea can work for whatsapp with some tricky solutions but for viber …. its like impossible…I will give it a thought again.

thanhtay 22 June 2012

Excellent service!

Marco 24 June 2012

Dear Mr. Helmy,

What do you mean that the idea won’t work for Android? Can you explain a bit on that? We have it working on our PCs and we have posted a lot of tutorials about that. We would like to know why do you think it is trickier than simply installing on Android emulator?

– Regards,
Team – Viber for PC

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