Tuitalk Allows Free Calls To India | Download Tuitalker (Tuitalk Software)

Tuitalk Allows Free Calls To India | Download Tuitalker (Tuitalk Software)

Most of the surfers on internet searches for many free stuff. This is because we all love free stuff. Here we will see one free VoIP service which is providing free calls to India.

Tuitalk is a one of the leading VoIP provider now a days which displays a few seconds ad before offering free calls to many international countries, including India, Italy, Russia and Spain. One can now make totally free calls to Indian landlines and mobile numbers and that too in any part of India. Any of your friends or relatives who leaves outside India can make you free calls.

How To Make Free International Calls With Tuitalk:

There some simple steps to Make international calls with Tuitalk.

  1. Go to
  2. Register yourself with your email id.
  3. Get confirmation mail in your inbox and confirm it.
  4. Down Tuitalk Softphone (Tuitalker) for your PC, iPhone or windows mobile version (whatever you have and through which you want to make free calls).
  5. Login in Tuitalk account and select your desired country to be called. Exact number of free minutes will be displayed.
  6. Enter number code in this format: (00+country code+number).
  7. Click Call.
  8. You will see a small advertisement being displayed.
  9. after watching this free advertisement your call will get connected.
  10. You can call daily with allotted free minutes.

Things Needed To Make Free Calls:

  • All you need a PC, or iPhone or windows mobile.
  • A headphone in case of PC.
  • Tuitalker (tuiltalk softphone).
  • A person sitting in another country to hear your voice.
  • Some minutes to see ads and make calls.

A tip: You can use the advance profile option in tuitalker to get more calling minutes. You get three free calls per day. For example if someone calls from Dubai to India, one free call is of 5 minutes, so he can make 15 minutes of free calls daily.

That’s it make free calls all around the globe and pray VoIP should grow more to give you more similar services and more free minutes.

Do let us know any other similar service or about Tuitalk if you have used it or getting any difficulties in the comments section.

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ali 28 August 2011

Thanks for the software. I really like it to call

navjot 30 August 2011

i like this service very much

khan272453 04 September 2011

how we recharge this program. It is blocked in gulf country. I want to use it.

fareed 13 September 2011

Works very well with My Iphone, makes some good calls back to India.

princeateesh 30 September 2011

I have registered with Tuitalk and made some cheap international calls. Thanks for notifying.

Muhmaad imtiaz 17 October 2011

Good voip software to make some trail calls to India. I have called for few minutes. The call quality is still need some improvements.

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