Rynga Free Download For PC, Windows 7, XP, Android For Cheap International Calls

The internet users often prefer using the cheap rate VOIP services over conventional mobile telephony providers as the former are more convenient. The VOIP apps can be used online using various types of devices. The users can use them from PC or other types of mobile web access devices. They can also use these services using Wi-Fi zones.

Rynga: What one requires

To use the innovative low cost VOIP app Rynga the users just need an average computer. The PCs that are a few years old would fit the bill just fine. The software will run fine on PCs equipped with 256 MB RAM and a CPU with 1GHZ speed. However, the users need to use fast internet connection which is a prerequisite with any VOIP. The laptop users should preferably use separate headset and mic for getting better VOIP experience. The inbuilt microphones in laptops are not good enough for VOIP use in general. Rynga is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista or Mac OS.

Rynga: Explore versatility

Rynga is a truly innovative low cost VOIP app that lets the users use VOIP the way they want. The easiest way is by installing the VOIP app in the PC which also making PCX to phone calls in many destinations. The users who are averse to the idea of installing apps in their computers have an alternative option as well. They can resort to the browser based version. This does away with the need of download. The users can use the app from their mobile phones. The apps for a number of smart phones are available in the website.

Rynga: getting started

The software download does not cost anything and the setup process gets complete fast. The users need to set up an account online before they can use the service. The registration is pretty simple. The user interface of the app is quite easy to use and the users can customize the settings without any hassle. To call the numbers outside the free calling listed countries the users need to buy credits online. The users as well as the receivers should use similar setups to get the best possible voice quality. Managing contacts with the VOIP app is simple.

Rynga: Easy as ABC

If the users find any issue with the software they can contact the company online. In many cases the software related issues are resolved by using software updates. The first time users can check the website of the company to get answer to the common queries.  The rates offered by the service are among the lowest in industry. The corporate users who spend a lot on roaming and ISD costs should consider using this VOIP which can help them in cutting down the cost to a large extent. The app lets the users send text messages apart from making calls.

The apps are really easy to use and there is no steep learning curve involved. They can call up numbers in a number of foreign countries free with these services and call other countries at low costs all over the year.

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