Nimbuzz For PC – Download To Make Free Calls, Free Instant Messaging

Nimbuzz For PC – Download To Make Free Calls, Free Instant Messaging

Nimbuzz is a free software that allows free and cheap internet calls not only with mobile but also with Your PC. Recently Nimbuzz has upgraded its softphone to 2.0 version. You can make free calls from PC to mobile or pc, cheap VoIP calls using Nimbuzz For PC softphone and can communicate and bring all your friends on one platform. To stay connected with friends who are in your network of Google Talk, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, you just need Nimbuzz softphone. You can make conference calls, if necessary you can share documents, files, music or videos between these contacts of the communities mentioned. Nimbuzz also includes Facebook supports protocols , MS, MySpace, GaduGadu, AIM, ICQ, Hyves, StudiVZ, SchülerVZ, Jabber, Yahoo and Twitter. These means you can have all your social media connects through Nimbuzz. These are well known social media sites.

Nimbuzz For PC is a classic among the most popular software for making cheap and free calls over the Internet since its inception. One can use it for making PC to PC calls. It also provides Nimbuzz mobile. With Nimbuzz softphone it is so easy to make phone call from the Internet, that even the most inexperienced person ca do it.

It has an easy configuring and has only few options that will not make you crazy. No need to add friends again and again, the friends who already have Nimbuzz installed, You will automatically come to know with icons that distinguish groups of friends you’ve created for easier recognition and management. That is, the friends you’re going to get added into distinct groups will have a different icon.

With Nimbuzz for PC  you can make cheap local and international calls. You just need to top up your account with some bucks. The free calls depends upon which country Nimbuzz has allowed as free in their site.

Download Nimbuzz for PC 2.0 for Windows XP, Vista And 7.

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