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The Internet and cell phone users are becoming majorly addicted to the VOIP services over the years.  The advantages offered by the cheap VOIP apps have caused this shift. They prefer the low cost services offered by the VOIP companies over the steep ISD packages of the cell phone service providers. As a matter of fact, the plethora of VOIP services available in the market can sometimes baffle the users and they can be in a fix regarding which one to choose. They should go for the VOIP service that offers them the maximum flexibility and ease of use.

LowRateVoip: What You need to know

LowRateVoip is a user friendly and affordable VOIP service that can be used by the people looking for viable VOIP solutions. This is because it offers the users various means for calling international numbers using their PC over the web. Using the app is not going to be a problem for the users who lack tech acumen. It is pretty user friendly and can be customized to suit the need of the users. The app lets you call foreign numbers, both mobile and landline numbers. It is not restricted to making VOIP calls only. The users can send text messages.

LowRateVoip: Why it is better?

LowrateVoip is an affordable VOIP service which offers better facilities than the run of the mill VOIP service providers. The product can be downloaded for free. The users will not face any hardship in installing the product either in their computers. The users can make calls to some foreign destinations using this app without any cost at all. The users of course need to create a profile and user id for using this app. This is similar to other VOIP apps available in the market as well. The calls to other countries are offered at rock bottom prices.

LowRateVoip: Know it well

LowrateVoip offers the computers users adequate flexibility in making ISD calls. They can import their existing contacts from programs like Microsoft Outlook for using in this VOIP app. The Contacts can also be organized in groups easily by the users. This makes using and managing things far easier for the users. The company uses the latest technology so that the users get the best possible voice clarity while making calls abroad. In longer calls made to other countries a few instances of call drop may occur but this is very rare.

LowRateVoip: low on resources

LowRateVoip is suitable for the users who do not own a latest computer. This can easily be used in computers that are a few years old. The app does not make the computers slow down at all. The users however need to use a fast internet connection to get the best VoIP experience. They will also get better VOIP quality if they use separate headset and microphone instead of using the default speaker and integrated mic of laptops. The app has an intuitive interface which can be tweaked easily by the users including the first timers.

You can download LowrateVoip on your windows 7 , win xp, vista enabled PC’s. It can also be download on Mac and on as mobile voip application on iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry etc. Following are download links:

Lowratevoip Free Download For PC (windows)

Lowratevoip Free Download For Mac

Lowratevoip Free Download For Android

Lowratevoip Download For Blackberry

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