Jumbloasia Free Download For PC To Phone Calls And Sip Settings For Nokia

Recently we have heard about one new voip telephony service called www.Jumbloasia.com. Jumbloasia is one of the leading internet telecom company which offers one of the best sound quality on internet and and on mobile voip for its users. You can be carriers, enterprises, service providers or just an Voip consumer located anywhere in the world. This company was formed in 2008 with an vision to provide high quality sound as well as secure environment to best communication services.

Jumbloasia.com offers two kind of dialers to its users namely, PC To Phone dialers and Mobile dialer. In PC To Phone it offers three kind of dialers. There are two different dialers for your PC and one Nimbuzz dialer. You can make PC To Phone Calls with this dialers also called as softphones from your PC. In mobile dialers there are four kind of dialers namely 3GDialer for Etisalt, pronto, 3G for DU and Nimbuzz mobile dialer. This all are .sis or .sisx files which can be download on Nokia or Symbian mobile devices.

Here are the sip settings For Jumbloasia.

Let me remind that Nokia E Series Phone are one of the best in doing voip calls and setting sip on them:

Jumbloasia Users
1. Tools > Settings > Connections > SIP Settings
2. Add a new profile calledjumbloasia
3. Service Profile: IETF
4. Default Access Point: (Select your Service provider )
5. Public Username: User id@sip.jumbloasia.com
6. Use Compression: No
7. Registration: Always on
8. Use Security: No

Proxy Server:
9. Registrar Server Address: None
10. Realm: None
11. User Name: None
12. Password: None
13. Allow loose routing: Yes
14. Transport Type: UDP
15. Port: 5060

Registrar Server:
16. Address: sip.jumbloasia.com
17. Realm:   sip.jumbloasia.com
18. Username: jumbloasia user name
19. Password: jumbloasia  password
20. Transport type: UDP
21. Port: 5060

Nokia E series Internet Telephone Configure:
1. Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet Telephone Settings
2. Create a new profile for “Home”, name it “jumbloasia
3. Choose “jumbloasia ” as Preferred profile
4. Menu > Connectivity > Internet Telephone > Options > Settings > Default Call Type
5. Select: Internet call.

You can also make calls On Nokia Symbian Phone, Just download Nimbuzz of your mobile and then enter the following settings:

Step 1:

To add jumbloasia.com service go to OPTIONS and than SETTINGS, navigate between the options with up and down arrows on your handset and choose SIP from the list.


When the following screen appears navigate down and choose ” SIP Other” from the list.


Now enter the following for SIP settings:

Username: Your choosen username@sip.jumbloasia.com. Ex :  Your user name is word1234 then it should be word1234@sip.jumbloasia.com

Password:  Now enter the password that you chosen while you signed up with the service.
(remember passwords are case sensitive)

Proxy Server: sip.jumbloasia.com


Once Nimbuzz is registered you will see “SIP other” option as connected:


Once Nimbuzz is registered to make a SIP call:

1. Now you can choose  from your mobile “Phone Book” and than “Call” in your address book and press Options using your left soft key.

2. From the Call submenu, choose “Internet Call”. Your call is made using the jumbloasia  account you have added.

Now You can enjoy Cheap International Calls to many parts of world.

You must dial in following format to call anywhere in the world.

Country Code + Area Code + Phone number

Jumbloasia Free Download For PC

Jumbloasia.com Free Download For Nokia Symbian Devices

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