Jumblo – Download On PC, Android, iPhone, Symbian To Make Cheap Voip Calls

The cheap Voip providers are doling out attractive packages aimed at the mobile and Internet users these days. These services are being lapped up by the users who want to get rid of the steep tariffs charged by their cellular service providers.  They can be mastered without much hassle on the part of the users.

Jumblo: What Is It

The users looking for a capable cheap voip calls can select Jumblo. This is very easy to use and gives the users unmatched flexibility for making ISD calls at cheap rates. The company offers free calls to landline umbers in a number of countries. The countries are listed in the websites. For making calls to the other countries the users need to buy credits. Even then its ISD call rates are among the lowest in the market. The app is available for both the Internet and mobile phone users.  The website is easy to use and the download does not take long. You can also make test calls to check the service.

Jumblo: Explore The Options

The people who prefer making VOIP calls using their PC or laptop will find this app extremely convenient and affordable. The app can be installed in their PC. The app does not require high end configuration and uses very little CPU resources. Hence the users who need to multitask will not experience any performance lag in their PC while using this software. However, there are some users who are not fond of installing VOIP apps from third party vendors in their PCs. They can use the company’s browsers based VOIP App. It eliminates the need for any download.

Jumblo: Mobile Option Available

There are many people who do not want to access VOIP solution from their computers. This is the case with the working executives who need to travel a lot. They prefer using the mobile VOIP services as these do not require them to carry a laptop. To cater to the need of these users, Jumblo offers its unique mobile VOIP app. This app can be installed in a number of handsets running on the Symbian and Android OS.  It also supports the Apple iPhone.

Jumblo: Simplified Operation

Jumblo requires the users to make calls to another country using their phones with its browser based interface. The users need to put in the number of their existing phone and the country they are calling from. Next they need to type in the destination number and the country where that number belongs to. The user can check the call rates to various countries from the company website itself. The Jumblo app first calls the user number. As he presses the receive button, the destination number is connected.  Thereafter he can start talking. This service also offers sip settings to many devices so that one can make sip calls. Just check out Jumblo sip settings on the official website.

The benefit of these free VOIP services is numerous. They are free to use in most of the cases and the users need not master any rocket science for using them.  The VOIP services offer support for various types of mobile OSes including Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Symbian devices. The variety can actually make the users spoilt for choice. One can download this voip application on their smart phones and make free as well as cheap voip calls.

Download Jumblo For PC (windows)

Download Jumblo For Android (mobile voip .apk file)

Download Jumblo For iPhone, iPad, iPod

Download Jumblo for Symbian (Nokia Phones)

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tasleem 18 November 2011

I wanted new jumblo plus free download on my PC. But Thinks this version will do same thing.

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Jumblo Voip Free Download on my Android device allows me to do some free calls. I loved this service and will recommend to my friends.

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