Download To Make Voip Calls From VoIP Blockades Country

If you belong to one of those countries which blocks Voip Calling, you should look at iTellVoip. Many countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. has blocked voip calling for different reasons. If you are one of them and wanted to talk your loved ones across borders here is one voip provider for you.

You can download iTellVoip on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS, Symbian , Android etc. and make cheap voip calls. It uses latest technology to transfer crystal clear calls through voip technology. It has no hidden charges and provides you real value for your money. allows a softphone to be download for PC which allows to you to make voip calls, do voice chat, send sms etc. You also use it as sip client. As said already this communication software can be installed on PC, laptops having windows, linux enabled. You can also download this in USB drive and take with you can use any public cyber cafe to make calls. Just download this voip client on your USB stick, and plugin in the cyber cafe. You can do portable voip calling with this method. Even if its a dial up connection, you can make the calls as it uses high and special compression rate of voice. You even download on your Smart phones and make cheap calls.

Following is the sip settings you can do for Nimbuzz and Fring:

Nimbuzz example

User Name :

Password : 123123

Proxy :

Fring example

User Name : A3062

Password : 123123

Proxy :

It uses a special proprietary technology which breaks firewall and other voip Blockades, so people can make voip calls even from Voip Blocked Countries.

Download iTellVoip for PC (windows)

Download iTellVoip for Linux (Ubuntu)

Download iTellVoip for Mac OS

Download iTellVoip for Symbian (Nokia Phone)

Download iTellVoip for Android

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rajkumar 24 December 2011

Thanks for sharing download links for iTellvoip. I have downloaded it on my iPhone.

rashadm6659 15 January 2012

This voip provider is a great help in making voip calls through Symbian enabled phone. The Nimbuzz sip settings helped me a lot.

ganesan.c.n 28 June 2012

I am very happy that I found it.

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