iCall Free Voip Internet Phone To Make Free PC To Phone Calls

iCall Free Voip Internet Phone To Make Free PC To Phone Calls

iCall is free internet phone through which one can make free PC to PC or Free PC to phone calls. You can also download iCall on your iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses latest VoIP technology to make free and cheap calls with the help of internet and wi-fi connection trough your mobiles and PC’s. Just pay for internet charges and for the telephone bills.

iCall also gives you free customizable voicemail, free incoming numbers, call forwarding, incoming calls etc. It also gives you options to make cheapest internet calls on internet. On Mobile phones iCall can be used as VoIP application that allows you to send and receive calls over Wi-Fi. Incoming calls are passed to the VoIP connection as we speak.

One can also call through iCall to any number anywhere in the world through the 3G network. For example, a five minute call from Spain to Singapore has rated my friend somewhere around 5 cents, much lesser than what it costs him to call within the same territory through other ISD calling services. The sound quality is also very good compare to any other voip service. One can also synchronize this software with Facebook to add your address book and can also access the calendar of the iPhone from it.

Just signup free and download iCall on your iPhone, iPod Touch and PC and start making Cheap and Free PC To Mobile International calls.

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