Google Voice In Gmail, Free Voice Calling For phones In USA and Canada

Google Voice In Gmail, Free Voice Calling For phones In USA and Canada

I know this could be old news for some of us, but for many of who don’t know about this Google talk update could get benefited. One could make free voip calls from their Gmail talk.

Google voice, the consumer oriented unified voice communication service is the latest buzz in town with Google integrating it with Gmail for direct voice calling from thereon. The popup signifying the advent of Google voice is an earnest attempt to generate further mass appeal for this voice communication product. Now, remaining in touch with one’s loved ones will be far easier than ever before.

This approach on Google’s part evinces hassle free voice calling for customers. The apparent prominent advantage over Google voice dashboard is that customers are now endowed with a number pad which simplifies the process of dialing out or receiving calls from people on their Google voice number. An incoming call on the customers’ number will be notified by ringing of Gmail or Google voice, which connotes bidding farewell to Skype. Skype of late has been annoying customers with the advertisements being rolled out through its platform. US customers are particularly targeted during the beta phase of new regime in Skype which later on will be put up for other countries.


  • The need for carrying the phone for voice calling is done away with. Manage all voice communication effortlessly through Gmail.
  • No need to worry about locations now with poor signal reception for cell phones. All you need is simply to turn on your Gmail.
  • International tours will now be less expensive for customers as they no longer need to e intimidated by dauntingly overpriced roaming charges on their phones. All they will require is a laptop with internet connectivity to take care of all their voice communication needs.
  • All international calls will be priced economically at the same low rates applicable to Google Voice and will consume the Google voice calling credit.
  • Free voice calling for phones in USA and Canada.
  • Send unlimited free text messages to stay in touch with beloved ones throughout the day.
  • Google Voice provides a single number that can route calls to multiple devices and allow customizable services like personalized voicemail greeting messages, call recording and l blocking.

Getting started

To embark on this wonderful journey of new era voice communication, check the box adjacent to Google chat in the array of forwarding phones. This will enable Gmail to notify the customer of an incoming message whenever anyone rings up the Google voice number. A solitary step from the computer will allow customer to receive the call or listen idly as the caller leaves a message. For calling someone up, a simple click on the Call Phone link will do. Then key in the desired number or enter a name from the address book. Each call made from Gmail will flash the Google Voice phone number of customer as the outbound caller ID.

Winding up

This revolutionary service bringing phone less mobility in the life of millions of users is also being integrated by some leading mobile service providers in US like Sprint. The already strong several million customer base of Google voice calling facility will further enhance service providers’ business.

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