Free Voip Calls And Cheap Calls With S-unno for PC, Android, iPhone, Symbian

One of the many advantages of owning a smartphone, (if you have Android much better) so that you can install thousands of applications that makes the life easier and make great use of it. These phones also comes with equipped standard functionality. One of such application which opens the possibility to make free calls with your android phone is S-unno. It must be noted that to do free calls, you must have an active data connection or to be connected to a wireless network or WiFi. Generally these two possibilities are available in all the smart phones nowadays. We generally know about many voip applications which are available on net for PC’s to make cheap and free voip calls.

With S-unno one can make free Internet calls, or cheap voip calls from his Android, iPhone enable mobile phone or from his computer since it is a simple and easy to use voip application to keep in touch with family or friends who reside anywhere in the world.

S-unno can be download and install on your PC, Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Mobile. The voip software uses mobile voip technology and takes advantage of Wi-Fi and 3G subscription to make calls on various smart phones. The calling from S-unno depends on which plan one subscribes to make international calls. The plans are various as some are “DIAL THE WORLD – Unlimited” in which one can make unlimited voip calls to 40 countries including China in just 9.99 usd per month. Another one is “DIAL THE WORLD + INDIA – Unlimited” in which you can make unlimited calls to India, and 60 other countries for just 19.99 $ per month. There are also some plans through which one can make 750 minutes of calls to India (landline & mobile) for just US$9.99/month, which makes it 1.3 cent/minute.

Obviously, free mobile to mobile or PC to PC calls can be made with two S-unno users absolutely free of charge. Both needs to install the softphone on their iPhone, Android, Symbian mobiles or on their PC’s and add each other to make these unlimited free international calls. You can also make free conference calls by S-unno adding upto 5 of your contacts. One can also make free PC to Phones calls with S-unno, he just need to pick up 8 countries which he regularly calls and which S-unno has allowed as free, and pay minimum fees. He can now make unlimited free calls to these destinations.

One can always cancel the subscription without any penalty or you can also choose to pay only the call without a subscription. So if you do not want a monthly subscription you can choose “Pay-as-you-go” to make a call by buying prepaid calling credit.

I hope you will be able to make some free and cheap voip calls with S-unno for PC, Android, Symbian, iPhone.

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