FonoSip – Free Voip Service Provider To Make International calls

Seeing at one more voip provider today called FonoSIP, through one can make Internet calls, mobile VoIP, i.e. you can call from your mobile phone and can communicate with friends and family. They can always be communicated by you no matter where they or you are in the world. You can be traveling the world, being at the airport and on the road or gym you can make free voip calls with Fonosip.

FonoSIP can work on any smart mobile phone which is having Android operating system. You can also download it on a Nokia, iPod or iPhone without losing sound quality on the call. You can either make free or cheap calls with this voip service provider. Please note that prices are cheap because there is no special charge for the establishment of the call. You can credit some money with your credit card or with money you have in your PayPal account to utilize cheap voip calls service. You can also make free VoIP calls by creating an account with Fonosip and inviting your contacts to join FonoSIP to talk free between them and you.

FonoSIP internet calling also has ability to make conference calls. To use this you need to download softphone with minimum requirements on your PC as a Pentium 3 or higher and have a 64 Mb RAM and broadband Internet connections.

Internet calling allows you to use FonoSIP as a sound check if you are inside the United States by accessing the number 613. So if you are tested and satisfied with the service and quality you could start taking advantage FonoSIP VoIP calls either for free and by buying credit. In case you encounter a problem setting up the call, it may be because of misconfiguration or sometimes can be a problem of low noise as a result of a congested network or lack of G729 codec settings. Anyway this service provider has good record of problems and you can always test them to make your calls.

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