BeeZee To Answer Calls With SMS When You are Busy

If you are someone you usually get very busy, or just your job does not allow you to take your phone over, it is clear that you can not answer calls and this sometimes makes us look bad. With BeeZee, the application that we bring you today, no longer have to worry about this because she will answer for you when you can not do it.

But not a single voice, BeeZee lets you customize the response to specific contacts, so you can prepare an SMS message to all or adapt depending on the person you called, something really useful.

You can choose the state that you like or your leisure, you can use multiple profiles and set times of use in which automatically answers without being programming it daily. Also, you can set a silent mode will not hear incoming calls.

The application comes with a predefined phrases to help you configure the response, like: driving, watching a movie, working … Besides, you can also update your Facebook status. BeeZee is free, but please note that messages sent by the application that you have estimated the cost at the rate of your operator.

Download: BeeZee
Price: Free
Category: Communication
Rating: 9.8

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