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The web and mobile users are resorting to cheap and feature packed VoIP services like never before. This web based cheap calling services offer the option to call numbers abroad at incredibly low rates. They enable the users to avail the low cost calling benefits from various other devices than a computer.

ActionVoip: Why you will need it?

ActionVoip is among those Cheap Voip Calls services that offer the users ease of use and great features. This is a subscription based VoIP service from Betamax. With this app the users can make unlimited or limited web based international calls to a number of countries abroad. This can be used from a computer as well as a mobile phone. Mobile VOIP apps are ideal for those people who do not like the idea of staying hooked to their PC or carrying the notebook around for making cheap ISD calls. They can avail the benefits from their regular phones.

ActionVoip: What you need?

It would be improper to assume that to use ActionVoip the subscription based VoIP service one needs a new or powerful computer. On the contrary, the VOIP app can be used easily with older PCs. On an average a computer needs to be equipped with 256 MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor. For getting the most out of the VOIP service it is advisable to use a fast internet connection like DSL. It would be beneficial if a user has a headset with integrated mic in it. Laptop‘s microphones are often not suitable for VOIP.

CheapVoip: Options are aplenty

ActionVoip is a VOIP service that offers the users various options to choose the one that fits their exact need. It has three types of subscription packages for the users. By paying only $10 a month the users can call numbers in a country of their choice for unlimited time. It is useful for students staying abroad who need to be in touch with their families and friends. By paying $10 a month the users can call in 20 European countries for unlimited period. The Unlimited world plan costs $9.95 a month and allows calls to 40 nations.

ActionVoip: unbeatable tariff and offers

ActionVoip is a feature rich subscription based VoIP service that stays ahead of the competition owing to its great tariffs and ISD calling plans. It also has prepaid plans for those users who look for the best value for their money in Cheap VOIP calls services. The service can be used for making unlimited phone to phone calls. It is also possible to send text messages using the service. This VOIP service is suited both for individual users and small business owners looking for cheap ISD calling options. It can offer the users industry best voice calling experience.

These VOIP apps can be used by even those people who do not feel comfortable with technology related stuff.  The users however need to pick the service that fits their need the best among the options. The services with mobile and multilingual support should be chosen.

Download ActionVoip: Action Voip Can be download for personal PC or Mobile devices, download links are as under:

Action Voip Free Download for PC (windows PC)

Action Voip Free Download For Mac

ActionVoip Free Download For Android

Action Voip Free Download For iPhone/ iPod / iPad

Action Voip Free Download For Nokia Symbian Devices

Download ActionVoip For Windows Phones

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